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We offer two guided itineraries, of different levels, where we will learn the basics of kayak driving and get to know the unique environment of this Natural Interest Area.

After having explained the basic technique of paddling and heating, we will embark on doubles Kayaks Sit on top. With double kayaks, we make sure to cover a distance by getting tired half the time and sailing twice as fast.

We will sail together on the turquoise waters of the reservoir to discover the spectacular panoramic views of the Vall de Lord: Serres de Busa, Port del Comte, the Cingles de Vilamala, La Mola de Lord, the Sierra dels Bastets … commenting and interpreting the natural, cultural and historical environment of the Lord’s Valley.

Rutas en kayak con guía
All you need to know

Excursion for groups arranged.

Activity with Monitor (Interpreting guide).

We will learn the basics of paddling, progression and turning.

The double kayaks (K2) are the model "OCEAN QUATRO" (4 seats). The central seat is free for children under 7 years of age.

Kayaks for all levels: Open Kayaks (unsinkable and self-emptying) - Sea kayaks.

You have to leave your clothes and personal belongings in your vehicle. The keys can be stored at reception.

Minimum age 4 years.


Technical material (shovel, lifejacket and waterproof windbreak where appropriate).

Waterproof bag by phone.

Waterproof bag for material.

Carabineers to fix objects.

Support for GoPro camera.

Instructor guide.

RC insurance, accidents and assistance.

Parking (exclusive use of customers).

Low. No experience in canoeing is necessary.

It is essential to know how to swim.

Swimsuit, towel, shirt, hat, sunscreen and spare clothes.

The footwear must be aquatic or we have the possibility of going barefoot inside the kayak.

On cool days it is advisable to wear thermal and waterproof t-shirts windproof or pants type tracksuit.

It is not advisable wear glasses in canoeing. Fix them if necessary.

To be able to return part or the entire amount of the activity, consult the Conditions of contracting.

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We will paddle until we reach the most impressive arms of the reservoir, entering under the Barrancs de Vilamala, a fascinating conglomerate environment.

Excursion of moderate difficulty.
Duration: 3 hours.
Distance travelled: 6.2 nautical miles (10 km.).

PRICE: € 28 / person.
Minimum group to 7 people.

To consult the travel of this Route, click on the map.


The marsh is beautiful, of blue water and with some beautiful mountain side landscaping. It is highly recommended to go with the guide, as the area is well known and he makes very interesting explanations. He also knows a lot about technique and performs a small technique class before going up.


Kayaking excursion through the Llosa del Cavall Reservoir where we sail at the foot of the Sierra de los Bastets to the mouth of the Aigua de Valls River.

Excursion of easy difficulty.
Duration: 2 hours.
Distance travelled: 4 nautical miles (6.5 km.).

PRICE: € 25 / person.
Minimum group 8 people.

To consult the travel of this Route, click on the map.

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