Contract Conditions

General conditions contracting activities

1- The activities offered are subject to the conditions of the environment in which they are developed and the people who participate, so they may undergo changes before or even during the activity (meteorology, etc.). In case of cancellation by KAYAK K.1, the customer will have the right to postpone or refund the amount paid.

2- To participate in water activities it is essential to know how to swim. In the tab of each activity, the minimum ages necessary to participate are specified. Minors must have authorization or be accompanied by a responsible person. The client has the obligation to inform about possible pregnancy, paraplegia or cardiovascular diseases before hiring any activity. It also undertakes not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may affect its ability to react.

3- The commitment of KAYAK K.1 starts with the activity contracted, so it is the responsibility of the client to transport it to the facilities or to the place where the activity starts, if applicable. The contract and responsibility of KAYAK K.1 exclusively affect the direct work of its technicians and the organization of the activity.

4- The prices are per person or per boat in the case of rental, and include the direct services offered by KAYAK K.1, with VAT included and for the minimum group indicated in the collective activities. The necessary material is included in the price. In each technical sheet, the equipment included in each activity and program is specified.

5- Accident and civil liability insurance is included in the price of the programs and activities. The equipment rental services and equipment (without a guide or monitor), do not have accident insurance coverage or assistance. Complete information on insurance conditions and coverage is available to customers and will be sent to those who request it.

6- To confirm a reservation, the customer must pay an amount in advance, which can be made in the account ES08 2100 2904 0902 0239 2247. The customer can withdraw the services requested or contracted, having the right to return the amounts paid, but must indemnify KAYAK K.1 in the amounts that the following are indicated:

– It will pay the management expenses, cancellation fees if any, and a penalty consisting of 10% of the total amount of the reservation, if the withdrawal occurs more than 15 and less than 30 days before the start date of the program; 15% between days five and fifteen, and 25% within the last four days.
– The non-presentation on the date and time indicated by KAYAK K.1, will imply the obligation on the part of the client of the payment of the total amount of the reservation.

7- From the confirmation of the reservation, the client will expressly assume all of these General Conditions. In the event that a person registers another, he assumes in each of these General Conditions in his/ her name / s.

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